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7 Singles - 4 Features - 2 Covers - 1 EP Album

Born on the 4th of September, Viveeyan is a talented Nigerian recording artist and songwriter who embarked on her musical journey at an early age. Her passion for music ignited when she was just 9 years old, nurtured by a supportive family that recognized her talent. By the time she turned 10, her father took her to the studio for the very first time, marking the beginning of her lifelong career in music.

During her undergraduate years, Viveeyan pursued a degree in Law at the University of Ibadan. Even in the midst of academic commitments, she made her presence felt in the campus music scene by composing jingles for aspiring campus leaders. Her talents were further recognized when she clinched victory in the inaugural All Talented Law Students competition. This triumph opened doors to her participation in various other music competitions. While working part-time at Klinmix Recording Studio in Ibadan, Viveeyan lent her vocal prowess to various artists as a backing vocalist, honing her skills and gaining valuable studio experience.

In 2016, Viveeyan showcased her musical prowess on a broader stage by participating in the maiden edition of The Voice Nigeria, where she emerged as a finalist, solidifying her presence in the Nigerian music landscapeThe year 2017 marked a significant milestone in her career with the release of her debut single, "The Bull's Eye." This song served as a powerful introduction to her musical aspirations, encapsulating her inspirations, ambitions, and unwavering determination to excel in the industry. "The Bull's Eye" garnered attention not only from her growing fan base but also from local publications and blogs, cementing her status as a rising star.Fast forward to late 2019, on her birthday, September 4th, Viveeyan treated her fans to two remarkable singles, "Taya Me" and "Your Lover." Both songs beautifully celebrated the themes of enduring love, finding one's soulmate, and experiencing the bliss of a harmonious relationship. "Taya Me" depicted a lover who never tires of the joys of love, while "Your Lover" exuded pride in the profound love shared with a partner. These songs resonated with listeners and garnered attention from notable local publications and platforms, including Nativemag, Ndani TV, Turntablechart, and The PGM Club.

On October 24th, 2020, during the End SARS protests and amidst the call for justice for Uwa, a young student tragically molested and killed while studying in a church, Viveeyan collaborated with ShadowGuy to write and release "Don't Take Our Lives." This poignant song served as a heartfelt plea to end the heart-wrenching tragedies unfolding in society. The collaboration resonated with listeners and is available on all major streaming platforms.On December 17th, 2020, Viveeyan joined forces with Jonn Deux to release the mesmerizing song "Take Me." This contemporary pop R&B track beautifully explored the theme of vulnerability in love, capturing the essence of letting go and embracing the unknown with a loved one. "Take Me" was well-received on major streaming platforms and garnered attention from local blogs and publications.

In February 2021, Viveeyan contributed her talent to "LofN 4," an album by Wetalksound, with the track "Love Me Loud." This song celebrated love openly and unapologetically, emphasizing the importance of expressing love without reservation.

In 2022, Viveeyan released her latest R&B/Soul single titled "Minimum Wage." This heartfelt track delves into the challenges of navigating adulthood while emphasizing the determination to live life to the fullest, regardless of financial constraints. "Minimum Wage" was widely embraced by music enthusiasts and garnered attention from notable blogs and publications, including Drummr Africa, Jukebox Music, The PGM Club, and GH Gossip.Viveeyan's versatility extends beyond her solo work, as she has collaborated with various artists, including Paybac Iboro on the albums "Cult!" and "West African Goat," and with Dimeji on the album "Memoirs of 618." She also lent her vocals to the track "Inglorious" on "The Inglorious" album by artiste The Inglorious M.O.B.After completing her master's degree in Professional Writing from New York University, she is set to release her debut EP on November 2nd, 2023 which will embody her love for well-crafted stories.



7 Singles - 4 Features - 2 Covers - 1 EP

Viveeyan, born on the 4th of September, is a Nigerian Recording Artist and Songwriter. For undergrad, she studied Law at the University of Ibadan where she left her mark in the campus music scene writing jingles for campus leadership aspirants.She won the maiden edition of the All Talented Law Students competition and went on participate in other competitions as well.While she worked part-time at Klinmix Recording Studio, Ibadan, she was able to provide backing vocal services to various artists.She competed at The Voice Nigeria 2016 and emerged as a finalist. She has gone on to release singles like "Taya Me", “Love Me Loud” and "Take Me".She currently graduated with a masters in Professional Writing from New York University and working on more music.




Viveeyan creates original music for brands including recording artists. Some of her works have been used in notable Nigerian advertising commercials.

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