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Viveeyan, born on the 4th of September, is a Singer-Songwriter based in Lagos Nigeria. She studied Law at the University of Ibadan where she left her mark in the campus music scene writing jingles for campus leadership aspirants.
She won the maiden edition of the All Talented Law Students competition and went on participate in other competitions as well.

While she worked part time at Klinmix Recording Studio, Ibadan, she was able to provide backing vocal services to various artists.
She competed at the maiden edition of The Voice Nigeria and emerged a finalist. She has gone on to release single like Taya Me and Take Me, featured in Paybac Iboro's album "Cult" on the song Nigeria Dream and has worked with producers like Jonn Deux, Gbade Adetisola and ShadowGuy. Her latest work is "Love Me Loud" on WeTalkSound's LOFN 4 album. It was produced and engineered by Jonn Deux.

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